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BBQ: 6 Tricks To Creating the Best BBQ Experience

BBQ: 6 Tricks To Creating the Best BBQ Experience

Brisket on the Smoker and the smell of chicken on the grill. There are really no words for this! What there is though, are 5 tricks to creating the best BBQ experience for your guests.

1) This genius trick is to use strawberry baskets to hold finger foods. This would not only work perfectly for a BBQ but awesome for camping too!
2) You can totally use a muffin pan to serve condiments like mustard, ketchup, and veggies to guests. Imagine how much faster the food line would go! Maybe that burger would still be hotttt?!
3) No worries! Did you know that it’s a fact that you can clean the grill with an onion? What you will need to do is rub half of the onion on a hot grill. Do not touch the onion. I would use either a long fork set or tongs to avoid possibly getting burned. The onion will help loosen up grit and grime that is left on the grill from cooking.
4) Marinate your meat with B-E-E-R! This is my husband’s favorite trick. Such a brilliant idea and it makes the meat taste sooooo good!

    And if we can do this with our own homebrewed beer, we can feel more achievements.

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    5) Okay, ladies and gentleman how cool is this? You can actually name your meat. Say wha?! Yes, with meat branding ironyou can add your first name, last name, or something really funny like “Mine!” LOL. How awesome is that?! 
    6) The last and the most important trick is to BBQ with food thermometers which can help us avoid undercooking or over cooking. You may trust you sophisticated BBQ experience or skills, but trust me, food thermometers will bring your good surprises.

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