Remote Wireless Thermometer IRF-4S

INKBIRD IRF-4S is a 1500 feet wireless thermometer with waterproof, rechargeable battery, magnetic design, 4 food grade probes, timer, alarms, backlight and etc., which is widely used for most of application contexts such as beef, chicken, fish, GBEEF, GPOUL, lamb, veal, oven and etc.

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Main Features

Wireless control: INKBIRD IRF-4S supports automatically paired with strong and stable wireless signals (RF signal) and its connection range is up to 1500 feet.

Alarms for safer:INKBIRD IRF-4S supports alarms for the set high and low temperatures, once the detected temperature is reaching the set high/low temperature, its alarm will be triggered.

Preset value saved automatically: INKBIRD IRF-4S can save our preset values automatically when its power is off and we do not need worry data loose and have more reference for subsequent cooking.

Magnetic design: INKBIRD IRF-4S adopts magnetic design on its back for more user friendly and we can place it to any metal surface based on our practical needs. Efficiency improved and more help for BBQ, smoking and/or grill.

Timer design: INKBIRD IRF-4S has its own built-in timer and support countdown timer mode to help us set and monitor the cooking situation, which will help decrease our cooking anxiety and increase our cooking techniques.

Backlight design: the back light design of INKBIRD IRF-4S is more user friendly for data reading, which will help us do data reading clearly even against the daylight or at nights.

Transmitter IPX5 waterproof: INKBIRD IRF-4S transmitter is IPX5 waterproof because of its unique ports and probe plug designs, which let us make the cook for more contexts such as indoor cooking, outdoor cooking and picnic cooking.

Technical Support Materials:

Please click to download the technical support materials such as user manuals and product APPs Click Here

  • Temperature range is 0-300 C°/32° F ~ 572 ° F; (3 mintues short-time measurement); 0-250/ C°32° F~ 482 ° F (continuous monitoring).
  • Up to 1500 feet/ 300M remote wireless signal in outdoor space
  • Time Range: 0 to 9H59M
  • Temperature Accuracy:±1.8℉/±1℃
  • Do barbecue meats of oven, grill, smoker or drums indoor or outdoor.
  • Automatically paired, wirelessly controlled.
  • Countdown and count up timer mode.
  • USB rechargeable lithium battery, customers no need to replace the battery frequently. Fully charging capacity could be last for about 40 hours when it works.
  • With magnet (Transmitter) and backlight
  • Programmable alert with preset temperatures for 9 types of specific foods.
  • Presetting values are saved when power off.
  • Warranty:1 Year
Remote Wireless Thermometer IRF-4S
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