BBQ Smoker Temperature Control Fan Kit ISC-027BW

$199.99 USD

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Plug Type: US
Ship from: US Warehouse
Plug Type: US
Ship from: US Warehouse

Product Details

Main Features
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual connection modes to monitor grilling from smartphones
  • Supports 5V USB power supply, can be powered by a power bank
  • Smart grill lid detection to automatically start/stop blowing
  • Automatic adjustment of fan speed based on grill temperature, convenient and precise
  • High-precision food-grade probes, accurate to ±0.5℃/±0.9℉ with calibration function
  • Safe high-and-low temperature alarms for the grill to ensure a happy barbecue
  • Timer, temperature alarm, and pre-warning to make the grilling perfect
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple foods and checking all temperature records anytime
  • Perfect for grills like Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Vision Grill, Akorn Kamado

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Kaylee Emard

    Can't wait to start using this device and make even better ribs

    Jaqueline Kirlin

    all ok.

    Giles Toy

    Controller as expected.
    Speed of delivery above expectations.

    Heiko Reepen
    Good device

    It's working good. I can recommend the fan.

    Ken Johnson
    Good, however could be great

    So I have had this unit for 3 months. Completed around 8 cooks. Most are low slow, past week cook was over 14 hrs.

    Cost - compared to others this a cost effective alternative to bbq temp control for long slow cooks
    Design- love the simplicity and sleek design
    Connection - stable WiFi and no major issues I see
    Durability- at this point seems ok
    Temp accuracy- seems to be good

    App- it is ok, but it is buggy. It needs to be cleaned up and even allow for more control of unit and temp settings.
    Temp control- ok here this is where it needs improvement. The “Open Lid” control doesn’t work at all. Also the unit will over shoot temp every time as fan runs at 100% until it hits temp. They need to adjust this to run based off temperature. Example would be: run at 100% until 75% of target temp the turn fan off. Measure temp for 5 min then start fan based off that temp. I am manually doing this but this would be game changer. Not a programmer but it doesn’t seem difficult. They could even expand the app to allow owner of unit to adjust based on their cooker.
    Probes: allow you to upgrade probes. Probes are good with but I want a better looking probe like there other units.

    Overall it is worth the purchase. I have owned Guru, Fireboard and others. But this right here is on track to be the best. I hope they invest in the product and don’t just put on back burner. No bun intended.