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📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5GHz Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More
📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5G BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Smoker Fan Controller ISC-027BW

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Not available in Australia

It’s a grill temperature controller with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, which allows us to control and monitor the grill from our smartphone and supports automatic adjustment of fan speed according to grill temperature, making grilling easier and more enjoyable.

Style: US Plug
Ship From: Factory In China

Product features

  • One-To-Many Connection: It features Bluetooth 5.0 function and supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networking, through which we can control and monitor the grill from our smartphone. One smartphone can simultaneously control multiple controllers, and several people can monitor the same controller.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: Its built-in high-efficient fan can automatically adjust fan speed according to the grill's ambient temperature to keep the grill temperature at our desired value. We can also set a high-and-low temperature alarm for grill temperature to ensure safe and enjoyable grilling. Note: If the oven probe is not inserted into the controller, the fan will not work.
  • Grill Lid Smart Detector: What makes it a better choice than ever is its intelligent detection of the status of the grill lid. The fan will automatically stop blowing when the grill lid is detected to be open and blow again when the grill lid is closed, which is smarter, more efficient, and more power-saving.
  • No Tube, No Hassle: It connects directly to the grill/smoker without a redundant tube, making the complex simple. Its ductless heat-resistant grill connector can sustain temperatures up to 200 Celsius. The included universal grill adaptor makes it suitable for most grills and smokers, such as Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Vision Grill, and Akorn Kamado.
  • 5V USB Power Input: Thanks to its USB-powered design, we can use it anywhere, even if there is no power outlet nearby the grill/smoker. It adopts a 5V USB power input, so any mobile power supply with a USB interface can supply power for it. No more worry about a sudden power outage ruining our barbecue party.
  • Accurate Measurement and Alarm: Its four food-grade stainless steel probes all feature high measurement accuracy of ±0.5℃/±0.9℉ and support temperature calibration. Each probe supports a short-time measurement range from 0℃ to 300℃(32℉~572℉) and a continuous monitoring range from 0℃ to 250℃(32℉~482℉). We can set temperature alarms and timers to avoid overcooking and undercooking.

Main Features

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual connection modes to monitor grilling from smartphones
  • Supports 5V USB power supply, can be powered by a power bank
  • Smart grill lid detection to automatically start/stop blowing
  • Automatic adjustment of fan speed based on grill temperature, convenient and precise
  • High-precision food-grade probes, accurate to ±0.5℃/±0.9℉ with calibration function
  • Safe high-and-low temperature alarms for the grill to ensure a happy barbecue
  • Timer, temperature alarm, and pre-warning to make the grilling perfect
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple foods and checking all temperature records anytime
  • Perfect for grills like Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, Vision Grill, Akorn Kamado

Package Contents

  • 1x BBQ Temperature Controller
  • 1x Oven Probe
  • 3x Meat Probes
  • 1x USB Power Adapter+Cable
  • 1x Grill Adapter


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