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Bluetooth Grill Thermometer IBT-4XS

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INKBIRD IBT-4XS is a Bluetooth meat thermometer with wireless control, temperature alarm, built-in magnetic back, wide temperature range, high temperature accuracy, rotatable Reading Display and rechargeable battery and etc. It's widely used for oven, BBQ, grill and other cooking contexts and has been earning high praise among professional fans.

Size: With Four Colored Probes
Ship From: Factory In China

Product features

Wireless control: INKBIRD IBT-4XS can be controlled by Bluetooth connection via its free APP and we can monitor, set and/or adjust its temperatures on our mobile phones at any time, no time to be wasted for making frequent checking, more efficient and convenient. Its Bluetooth connection range is up to 150ft/50M. Notice: the GPS location service of our mobile phone needs to be turned on before we pair INKBIRD IBT-4XS with our mobile phone.

Magnetic design: INKBIRD IBT-4XS adopts magnetic design on its back for more user friendly and we can place it to any metal surface based on our practical needs. Efficiency improved and more help for BBQ and/or grill.

Rechargeable battery: INKBIRD IBT-4XS adopts a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery which can last about 20 hours with fully charge. Don’t need to spend extra money on replacing batteries any more. Less spending for longer battery life and longer using time. Notice: charging is forbidden in the course of usage.

High temperature accuracy: its temperature accuracy is up to ±2℉/±1℃. No need to worry our cooking overdone or under cooked.

Alarms for safer: INKBIRD IBT-4XS supports temperature alarm for cooking, when the food temperature reaches our set temperature, its alarm will be triggered, and we do not need to worry about overcooked or undercooked.

Large LED screen and rotatable reading method: INKBIRD IBT-4XS adopts larger LED screen and rotatable reading method for more user friendly. We just need to double tap its rotatable button to rotate its reading direction, which frees its place and storage direction.

Notes: (a) Please make sure the probes of this barbecue thermometer are firmly inserted into the ports and we may hear a click sound, or it will get an inaccurate temperature. (b) Please do not put the unit in high temperature places. The limit temperature of the plastic should not be over 55℃/131F. (c) Tearing off the plastic protecting film on the screen before use.



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Working well

Everything working well, happy with the end result and with the app.

Ľubomir Michniewicz
Dorucenie - delivered

Zariadenie mi bolo dorucene 17.5.2023 , spokojnost .
obal neporusený , ale zahada je ze obal vnutri bol rozbitý !_ zatiať som nepouzil zariadenie ale funguje a dodavka je kompletná . ak vyskusam v praxi mozem doplnit .


The thermometer works well but the app doesn’t change to Norwegian language when this is chosen. Not a big deal, but why display if it isn’t there?

It's good

I enjoy the app and the 4 probes. I ha e used all them at the same and get live coverage and can I do not have to be by the smoker.
If the app fet closed I loose all the data and have to start over. It would be nice have a start feature so you could label a cook then be able to reference it later.
The ambient temp probe worked 4 times and now I use a meat probe I do not know why this happened but I was able to find a work around.


I got this as a Christmas present, came up here looking for accessories for it.
This thing has made me top Chef in my family. Steaks are almost perfect, I need a second probe!!