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  • When you participated, You will receive the unique discount code with 50% OFF of INKBIRD ITC-308-WIFI and the dedicated Amazon link for purchase.
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  • If the participants can send back the feedback/use report Before the end of the date closed after receiving INKBIRD ITC-308-WIFI, INKBIRD will refund them 20% of the full price amount ( That's 70% OFF! ) and offer discount codes of 20% off of INKBIRD Temperature and humidity Hygrometer IBS-TH2 as for reward;
  • As for those feedback/use report which will help INKBIRD improve its products and app connection, INKBIRD will refund them 50% of the full price amount, that is, they will get one INKBIRD ITC-308-WIFI for FREE!
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  • INKBIRD APP Campaign Rules
  • The campaign ends(Stop receiving feedback date) in June 22,2022, Limited quantity first come first served!
  • The specific date of refund is subject to the date of receiving feedback/use report by INKBIRD.
    Generally, the refund will be made within 3 working days after INKBIRD receives the feedback/use report.
  • The campaign is ONLY for US participants, please kindly notice this.