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📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5GHz Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More
📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5G BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More

Temperature Controller ITC-308-WIFI

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INKBIRD ITC-308-WIFI is a wireless temperature controller via WIFI connection with temperature calibration, the independent setting for refrigeration and heating, over temperature protection, and an automatic temperature control system for more accurate temperature control, which can be widely used for most applications such as homebrew, aquarium, pet breeding, incubation, terrestrial heating, fermentation and etc.

Size: US Socket
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Customer Reviews

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Great bargain

Good product. Great price. Fast shipping

Dumb A/c into a Smart

It works for running an 8Kbtu window A/C unit set to "low cool". This makes it so I can run a total of 3 units on a 4kw offgrid system without babysitting this unit or spending another $300 to replace it for a smart A/C. It's only fault is it will not connect to Google Home.

Brett Vari
Cool device

If you need an environmental controller highly recommend this because it's pretty cool you can set everything on your phone while on vacation. Thanks will be buying more for my business.

Boat worries gone!

Remotely I know the temperature on my yacht. And if close to freezing heaters are automatically turned on by Inkbird 308 wifi.

Best Thermo regulator until WiFi 6

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE this product. It is inexpensive, easy to use once you understand the controllers, and so easy to manipulate through the app. I've had this device maybe a year in with some months, and I bought two more for inventory in case one got damaged.

Here's the sad part. This only supports 2.4 WiFi and sadly a lot of big companies are moving away from this. The new Wifi 6 does not offer the 2.4 which has rendered my device useless unless I am physically there to regulate the temperature from the device.

Hopefully this device is improved to be compatible with the new WiFi in the near future.