Programmable CO2 Controller with S01 Sensor ICC-500T

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Plug Type: US
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Product Details

● Plug and play, simple operation.
● Dual relays, are able to connect with the CO₂regulator or generator and the exhaust fan simultaneously.
● Dual readouts, displays the current measured CO₂ concentration and the set CO₂ concentration simultaneously.
● CO₂ calibration.
● Programmable high/low CO₂ concentration alarm.
● Widely applied in ventilation system, building control and HVAC equipment.

The difference between the S01 and B01 sensor version

Plug the CO₂ Controller and the sensor

When the CO₂ sensor is inserted, the controller will take about 8 seconds to identify. Then the PV window will display 8888 and blink, the SV window will display the CO₂ concentration setting.

Waiting for about 120 seconds

After 120 seconds, CO₂ module works stably, and the PV window stops blinking and displays the measured CO₂ concentration. Within 120 seconds, the buttons cannot be operated , the indicators of WORK1 and WORK2 are off, and the WORK1 and WORK2 have no output.

Plug your devices into the socket of ICC-500T

The controller will automatically identify and convert the CO₂ regulator or generator and the exhaust fan. WORK1 is the output of the CO₂ regulator or generator, and the WORK1 indicator is the WORK1 output status indicator. WORK2 is the output of the exhaust fan, and the WORK2 indicator is the WORK2 output status indicator.

WORK1 Only for the CO₂ regulator or generator, WORK2 Only for the exhaust fan.

Follow the instructions to finish the setting

There are three modes can be set, for more information about setting, please refer to the user manual on the listing page.

Multiple uses

Customer Reviews

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Guadalupe O'Keefe

I liked the product!
I still won't be already tested

Shanie Stark

great product!

Mae Torphy

Good quality product 👍

Chanel Abernathy

good quality

Danny Beckler
Great controller - very flexible & reliable.

These controllers really are superb as they give infinite control options to any user. They are also extremely reliable & dependable, returning us perfect results every time, once we set them up correctly according to our required use. Only slight criticism are the user instructions, which are a bit confusing. But a quick search on YouTube soon solved that small issue. All in all this is a highly recommendable product from a users point of view.