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📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5GHz Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More
📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5G BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More

Wireless Pool Thermometer Set IBS-P02R with WIFI Gateway IBS-M2

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INKBIRD 2nd-Gen Floating Pool Thermometer with IBS-M2 Wi-Fi Gateway Combo, Wireless Swimming Pool Thermometer Set, Easy Reading, Digital Pool Thermometer for Swimming Pools

Ship From: Factory In China
Style: US Version

Product features

2-In-1 Wi-Fi Gateway

As a Wi-Fi gateway, the IBS-M2 supports connecting up to 9 INKBIRD pool thermometers at the same time. And its unique large screen design with the internal temperature-humidity sensor makes it more helpful as a monitor to alternately display data from 9 channels and simultaneously display indoor temperature and humidity. Devices: IBS-TH1, IBS-TH2, IBS-TH2 PLUS, IBS-P01B, ITH-20R-O, IBS-P01R-O, IRS-WD1, ITH-12S, NEW P02R (IBS-P02R-O transmitter), Only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

Upgraded Pool Thermometer

This second generation of INKBIRD pool thermometer features an advanced waterproof design, including an IPX7 waterproof body and a heavy-duty silicone sealing ring to protect the thermometer from impact and water intrusion, efficiently extending its lifespan. Note that the silicone sealing ring is not removable.

Smart App Control

Thanks to the Wi-Fi gateway, we can control all connected thermometers and monitor their performance from our smartphone anytime, anywhere. With the smart INKBIRD app, we can view all temperatures in nine different places, max/min/average for each thermometer, and history for one year.

Accurate Sensor, Real-time Alarm

The pool thermometer adopts a high precision sensor, accurate to ±1℃ (±1.8℉). We can set a safe temperature range for it on the app. When the detected temperature exceeds the preset high/low temperature, the Wi-Fi gateway will beep, and we will receive an alarm notification from the app.

Wide Application

With this 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi pool thermometer set, we can keep abreast of real-time temperature in time and enjoy a wonderful swim at the optimal temperature. In addition to swimming pools, it’s also suitable for use in hot tubs, spas, fish ponds, aquariums, and more.



IBS-P02R Set Package: 1x Outdoor Pool Thermometer 1x Indoor Monitor 1x User Manual 1x IBS-M2 Wi-Fi Gateway


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