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Temperature and humidity Hygrometer IBS-TH2

IBS-TH2 (Temperature and humidity smart sensor)

    1. Built-in temperature & humidity sensor, stores max 30,000 points of data on the device. 
    2. Graph, accuracy calibrating, high/low-temperature alarm notification, data export, and the sampling interval set are supported via app
    3. Up to 98ft (without obstacle) remote control via Bluetooth. 
    4. Waterproof IPX4 makes this thermometer/hygrometer ideal for a freezer or refrigerator. Built-in magnet, this sensor could be attached to the metal without glue or nails.
    5. Smart thermometer / hygrometer supports connected to multiple phones and reading multiple sensors with one cellphone
    1. Free IOS and Android APP (Engbird) to monitor temperature and humidity at any time
    2. APP supports multi language , °C /°F mode and product with magnet base
    3. One phone can connect more than one IBS-TH2 at the same time. And one IBS-TH2 can be connected with more than one phone at the same time
    4. Support for application scenario selection and addition
    5. Alarm and data history view available
    6. Battery is easy to replace
    1. Bluetooth Connection Range: 30 meters (98ft)
    2. Temperature Measurement Range: -40℃~60℃/-40℉~140℉
    3. Temperature Accuracy
                - Typical: ±0.3℃/+0.5℉
                - Max: ±0.5℃/±0.9℉
    4. Humidity Range: 0%RH-99%RH
    5. Humidity Accuracy (25℃/77℉, 20%~80%RH)
                - Typical: ±3%RH
                - Max: ±4.5%RH
    6. RH Humidity Accuracy(25℃/77℉, 0%~100%RH)
                - Typical: ±4.5%RH
                - Max: ±7.5%RH
    7. Battery: AAA Battery*2 (not included)
    8. Waterproof Level: IPX4
    9. Magnetic Back: Yes
    10. Warranty: 1 Year

  • Connect to your phone via Bluetooth, you can monitor and control the thermometers on Engbird app within a certain distance (max 98ft).
Measuring Range
  • Temperature measurement range: -40℃~60℃/-40℉~140℉
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃/±0.9℉
  • Humidity measurement Range : 0~99%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: ±4.5%RH(20%~80%RH)/±7.5%RH( 0%~100%RH)
Data Storage & Sampling Interval
  • Hold data for 20 days if the sampling interval is 1min, and the max date storage is 30000 points. Different sampling interval can be setting. (10s/ 30s/ 1min/ 2mins/ 5mins/ 10mins/ 30mins)
  • The saving data time will be different if you choose different sampling interval.
Time of Endurance 
  • Work for at least 3 to 6 months with 2 AAA batteries (Not included) , no more frequently battery changing needed. 
  • You also don’t need to buy glue or nails to help fix the thermometer if there’s metal nearby, the thermometer can be adsorbed on metal surfaces with the built-in magnet.
Hanging Design
  • The thermometer can be placed wherever you want, and it can be hung more conveniently with the lanyard.
Package Contents
  • 1 x IBS-TH2 temperature and humidity sensor
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Screw driver
Multiple Use

Customer Reviews

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Ben Fenwick

Works well but I thought it would’ve been. Able to connect to the InkBird app the same as the other controller I have.

Great product

These sensors are great! Easy to setup and with the gateway you can monitor your Temperature and Humidity from anywhere. The app graphs history and send you alerts if the values fall outside your settings. All this at a great price. I would highly recommend them!