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What Can INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI Do for Our Aquarium?

What Can INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI Do for Our Aquarium?

When it comes to the aquarium hobby, for freshmen, it may be marvelous because we can stay with different kinds of creatures just with a tank. While for the veteran in aquarium, this hobby is both interesting and challenging. In the aquarium lover's daily life, every detail during fish keeping should be cared about. Among them, temperature control is the most essential.


Tired of always worrying about the aquarium temperature? INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI can be the one to help control the tank's temperature properly for fish to live comfortably. It is a WIFI temperature controller that can help adjust the temperature and specially well perform in aquarium temperature control with the function of WIFI control, abnormal temperature alarm, dual relays, dual temperature probes, and temperature calibration. Now follow us to know more!

1.Control panel.


1PV: In the normal mode, it displays the current temperature; in the setting mode, it displays the menu code.

2SV: In the normal mode, it displays the temperature value when stopping heating; in the setting mode, it displays menu setting.

3Red indicator: ON-heating output is turned on; OFF- heating output is off.

4/5Output socket.

6SET: Setting button. WIFI(Increase button); POWER(Decrease button).


2.WIFI control.


We can connect the device to our cell phone via Wi-Fi, and it will alert us if there is any abnormality. All the exceptions will be updated to INKBIRD APP, then INKBIRD APP will push a notification to alert us. through this function, we can monitor our aquarium temperature more conveniently.

Note: INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI only supports 2.4GHz WiFi router.

We can download INKBIRD app here.


3.Abnormal temperature alarm.

ITC-306A-WIFI supports alarms for high and low temperatures.

-Temperature control range: 0.0℃~45.0℃/32.0℉~113℉

-Temperature measurement range: -40.0℃~100℃/-40.0℉~212℉

If the measured temp is higher or lower than the setting value of high(AH)/low(AL) temp, the facility will alarm and turn off the temperature output. Then the screen will display "AH"/"AL" and the current temperature with the "bi-bi-biii" buzz until the temp gets to normal. Or any button we press immediately can turn off the alarm.

With this function, INKBIRD ITC-306A WIFI can help us protect and safeguard our aquarium better.


4.Dual relays.

With the setting of dual relays, ITC-306A-WIFI can own both the function of control and protection.

- One relay is for controlling output, to make the device can well perform in the temp control of the tank's conducting.

- Another is for abnormal protection. If the temperature is at an improper range, the fish will be extremely hurt without any protection. While with the protection relay, when the exception occurs, the power can be turned off automatically to avoid the fish in the tank getting hurt by the overheated water.



5.Dual temperature probes.

The dual temperature probes can be a good design for the accuracy of the tank’s temperature and the safety of the fish.

-The dual probes can ensure the temperature it measures and controls at a precise level so that we can help the control tank’s temp at a suitable range to create a cozy home for the aquarium creatures.

-As for the other function, it can help measure whether the different areas of the tank’s temperature remain a huge difference. If the temperature difference between the two probes is bigger than 3℃/5℉, the device will alarm and push the reminder through INKBIRD APP.


6.Temperature calibration.

If the measured temperature has a deviation from the setting value, the device can correct the measured value to the standard setting.

This function can be greatly useful in fish keeping, which extremely has a high requirement of temperature.

We believe that people who are developing aquarium hobbies must be clear that the fish's health depends on our careful tending. And every hobbyist should figure out how important temperature control is for aquarium conduct. INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI can be a partner to be with us to create a cozy environment for creatures to live comfortably in a delightful mood.





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