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📣 NOTICE OF BEING OUT OF OFFICE:from Sept 29, 2023 to Oct. 6, 2023 (Beijing Time) for China National Day Holidays
📣 NOTICE OF BEING OUT OF OFFICE:from Sept 29, 2023 to Oct. 6, 2023 (Beijing Time) for China National Day Holidays

Temperature and Humidity Controller ITC-608T

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$59.99 - $69.99
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INKBIRD ITC-608T is a 3-in-1 multifunctional temperature and humidity controller with 12 individual temperatures for 12 time slots. It is widely used for homebrew, fermentation, Greenhouse, terrarium, reptile rising, planting, meat storage, cooking and etc.

Size: With Temperature and Humidity Probes
Ship From: Factory In China

Product features

Integrated temperature control with humidity control: INKBIRD ITC-608T integrates temperature control with humidity control into only one device, which makes us control temperature and humidity at the same time for more efficiency;

Be versatile: INKBIRD ITC-608T can control refrigeration and heating equipment or humidifier and dehumidifier equipment or refrigeration/ heating and humidifier/dehumidifier equipment simultaneously because of its dual relay output;

12 individual temperatures for 12 time slots: INKBIRD ITC-608T can be set 12 individual temperatures for 12 time slots. Once the practical temperature reaches its set temperature, its timer will be started automatically, which will be much better and more precise for the monitored creatures and/or plants.

Temperature and humidity alarms: INKBIRD ITC-608T supports alarms for high-and-low temperatures/humidity, over temperature/humidity, and faulty sensor performance, safer for aquarium creatures, better device lifetime.

Separate settings for Heating and cooling: it supports making separate settings for refrigeration and heating to protect the temperature controller from violent change.

Temperature and humidity calibrations: INKBIRD ITC-608T supports temperature and humidity calibrations for more precise temperature and humidity settings, monitoring and controlling, offering more security for monitored creatures;



Customer Reviews

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Jackson Jeffery

Like so far

Inkbird 608T Temperature and Humidity Controller

We have been very pleased with the Inkbird 608T. Vivien Charles, at Inkbird, demonstrated the kind of professionalism and customer service one only hopes to receive. This product has done everything we need it to do by controlling our winter, indoor grow endeavors. We were so impressed by the functionality of this unit that we purchased another. Thanks to Inkbird and Vivien Charles for helping to bring stability via their product to our gardening projects.

I would buy this product

If it came with the option of F 220 volts model.

Terrie Lloyd
Initial Reaction - Great product

Easy to set up and install, and the Android app works as advertised. I haven't applied the sensor and controls to an actual appliance yet, as I'm still waiting for the appliance to be delivered, but temporary installation in my existing fridge shows it works well.

mike schmidt

Fast shipping,