WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer IBS-TH3 Series

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Product Details

Application Scenarios

Q 1: How long will the battery last? Can the battery be replaced?

A 1: At the right temperature, the battery life can generally be used for 3-6 months. You could replace 3 AAA batteries for it.

In addition, the device can be connected to the product Alexa, but it can only query the temperature and humidity.

Q 2: Is the thermometer bound to a single phone/app? Or can it be shared with family?

A 2: You can use the family sharing function in the APP, first, create a family, and then invite others to join. But the invited person can only monitor and cannot modify the settings.

Q 3: Can this wifi thermometer be used in a freezer?

A 3: We do not recommend applying the smart thermometer to the refrigerator, freezer, or outdoors, it is not waterproof, and the low-temperature environment will shorten the battery life and affect the connection of the device.

Q 4: The WIFI is connected, but it is often disconnected, how to solve it?

A 4: Mainly confirm the distance between the router and the device, the distance problem will cause the wifi to be disconnected. Therefore, it is recommended to try to move the device closer to the router as soon as possible and check it.

Q 5:What if there are no push notifications?

A 5: Check the notification settings of the mobile phone system and whether the permissions of the INKBIRD APP are turned on;

WiFi signal problems will also cause the data to fail to be reported, need to check if the device is near the router.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Top Class

This has become invaluable since I've had it.
It's mainly used for tracking the environment around my houseplants but is also used to keep track of my tarantula enclosures too.
The display tells me everything I need to know but the details given by the app are especially relevant for the houseplants.
The rechargeable battery lasts for ages too!

Fletcher Cole

Good quality! Very good service!

Lina Aufderhar


Duane C
It is actually a WIFI thermometer!!

This thermometer actually connects to your home wifi and not a client/host wifi with your mobile device. Works awesome as my Well House thermometer