INKBIRD Waterproof Seedling Durable Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad INK-HM20w

  • Reliable & Upgraded Heating】INK-HM20W professional heat mat is quipped with upgraded heating film, provides gentle and warm heats for the plant germination, maintains the temperature of the root area between 86℉-104℉ when the ambient temperature is around 68℉. The upgraded heating film is solid and stable, it will never scorch your plants.
  • Stable & Flexible】The strong heating film and the flexible construction offers more uniform heating and the radiate far-infrared light wave making the heat source softer and evenly, perfect for seed starting and home gardening. The mat is soft and can be stored as a roll, no crease will be left when unfolding it. It will be great to use in conjunction with INKBIRD thermostats.
  • Safe & Durable】The MET certificated seeding mat adopts the high temperature resistant thickening material, reinforced power cord, and latest heating film, can withstand damp greenhouse environments and safe to use both indoor and outdoor. 
  • Fittable & Easy Cleaning】This 10" x 20.75" mat is perfect for standard 1020 trays and slightly larger than comparable mats on the market; It also runs on only 20 Watts to help you save on electricity. The heating pad is rated to IP67 waterproof, proofed against splashes, showers and sprays, convenient to clean the heating pad by rinsing and wiping.
  • CompatibleCompatible with Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-308, ITC-306T, C206, C206T, C929, ITC-608T.

    Inkbird Seedling Heat Mat is designed with waterproof construction and safe for use seedling, reptile keeping, brewing, with stronger heating wire and thicker multi-layer construction offer more uniform heating and the durability to withstand rugged environments.


    1. Place the heating mat on a well drained surface(without standing water).
    2. Place the mat on an insulated surface instead of a cold floor will increase the mat temperature and covering the plant tray with a humidity cover or dome will help increase the temperature of the root area and maintain the humidity of the roots.
    3. Plug the mat into a 120 volt power source.
    4. When the ambient temperature is 68 ℉, the surface temperature of the heating mat can be heated to 104℉ after 30 minutes of working, which is ideal for the seedling tray.


    • Brand: INKBIRD
    • Model: INK-HM20w
    • Size: 10”x20.75”
    • Weight: 366g/12.91oz
    • Power: 20W
    • Waterproof Grade: IP67
    • Warranty: 12 months


    1. Do not immerse in any corrosive liquid.
    2. Do not use the device in excess of its output rating. Overloaded outputs above rating may result in a risk of fire or injury.
    3. Do not use the mat if damaged or modified.
    4. Do not disassemble the mat.
    5. Do not expose the mat to fire.

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    I've germinated seedlings, ran insulated coolers with sourdough at a stable temp (paired with an Inkbird thermostat), and hugged them around kombucha jars for first and second ferments with no trouble.