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BBQ Thermometer Probe Clip Holder

Original price $6.99 - Original price $7.99
Original price
$6.99 - $7.99
Current price $6.99
Size: Two Clips
Ship From: Factory In China

Product features

BBQGO Universal Meat BBQ Thermometer Probe Clip Holder for Thermopro/ Maverick/ MeasuPro/ Weber iGrill Ambient Temperature Readings APP Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer Smoker Grills Oven

  • [One year warranty] Essential accessories for Smoker, BBQ, Oven, Grill, Instant Read/ Wifi/ Bluetooth/ Wireless thermometer.

  • [Universal for most brand's probe & thermometers] Such as Thermopro, Maverick, MeasuPro, iGrill

  • [Prevent under or over cooking foods] The clip hold the probe level steady & accurate

  • [Three Hole Sizes] 0.12in/2.8mm, 0.16in/4.0mm 0.18in/4.5mm Eg:0.16in/4.0mm suitable for Thermopro TP11 TP12 TP16 TP17 TP08 TP20 probes

  • [stainless steel material] It’s very flexible and easy to use & clean

Package include:2x clips / 3x clips


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ronan Jacquet

great , thank you Inkbird

Lisa Jamieson
Great item

Highly recommended. Has transformed my baking by making my oven correct temperature every time

Richard WS
Poor shipping services.

I ordered two probes on January 4, 2021, since then i did not received any email, update or delivery date neither a confirmation that the probes was shipped !!!! Tday, January 18, i received an email asking me : Hi Richard, share your thoughts about Inkbird Food-grade Stainless Oven Probe Only for Inkbird IBT-2X, IBT-6X !!! Inkbird want me to share my thoughts really !!! Just confirm to me a delivery date or a email to confirm that the probes was shipped to my address, that would be nice. That is my thoughts.