Bluetooth Meat Thermometer INT-11P-B

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Cooking Master Wireless Meat Thermometer INT-11P-B

INT-11P-B is a truly wireless and intelligent BBQ thermometer that adopts a Bluetooth 5.1 connection, allowing you to eliminate the shackles of the wired probes and remotely monitor food temperatures more conveniently. It helps you accurately measure the internal temperature of food in grilling, smoking, and cooking, reducing the waste of energy and food resources and preventing food-borne diseases; no more worries about overcooking and undercooking. When using it, you only need to insert the probe into the food, connect the smartphone App, select the desired food temperature and doneness, and then you can rest and wait for the cooking to be complete. It will remind you when to enjoy this delicious food.

Product Details

● Wireless grill thermometer with Bluetooth 5.1, 91m/300ft long control distance.
● ±1℃/±1.8℉ accurate temperature measurement with a wider temperature range.
● 2 sensors in 1 probe, simultaneously monitor food temperature and ambient temperature.
● Food-grade stainless steel probe with zirconia ceramic handle, IP67 waterproof.
● Faster charging speed; fully charge the probe in just 25 minutes.
● Longer battery life; lasts 25 hours at high temperature and 7 days at room temperature.
● 26 preset USDA-recommended meat menus with custom taste preferences and cooking time.
● Support target temperature alarm and pre-alarm, high/low-temperature alarms, and timer.
● 30 minutes of offline data storage and auto-sync with the app after a Bluetooth connection.
● Minimalist design with a sliding cover for more convenient operation.


2 Sensors in 1 Probe The probe is equipped with two sensors, one for the food temperature and the other for the ambient temperature.
300 ft Remote Control Supports Bluetooth 5.1 connection and can be controlled via APP at a distance of up to 300 feet.
IP67 Waterproof The body is made of food-grade stainless steel probe with a zirconium oxide ceramic handle and meets IP67 waterproof rating.
Fast Charging & Long Battery Life Fully charged in 25 minutes, the battery can be used continuously for up to 25 hours. Charging for 5 minutes can last for about 5 hours.
Record Offline Data Stepping away for a while? No problem, INT-11P-B will record 30 minutes of offline data and automatically sync it to the App.
Frying Pan

Product Overview


Model: INT-11P-B
Connection Method: BLE 5.1
Connection Distance: 300ft / 91m(unobstructed)
Probe Waterproof Rating: IP67(Dishwasher Safe)
Sensor Qty: 2
Measurement Accuracy: ±1℃/±1.8℉
Temperature Measurement Range: Food Temperature:-10~100℃/14~212℉
Ambient Temperature:0~300℃/32~572℉
Probe Battery Life: 25 hours
Probe Charging Time: 25 minutes for full charge
Probe Response Time: about 3 seconds
Probe Calibration: ±7℃/±12℉
Charging Case Battery: 500mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time of Charging Case: 3 hours
Package Contents: Charging Case*1
Wireless Probe*1
USB-C Charging Cable*1
User Manual*1

Compare with Others

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Model INT-11P-B Others IBT-26S
Price $59.99 $100+ Up to $79.99
Bluetooth BLE 5.1 Mostly BLE 5.0 BLE 5.1
Connection Distance 300ft / 91m Mostly ≥200 ft 230ft / 70m
Sensor Qty 2 ≥2 Up to 6 Wired Probes
Max Temperature
Internal: 212℉
Ambient: 572℉
Similar to Ours Internal: 212℉
Ambient: 572℉
Measurement Accuracy ±1.8℉ Mostly 0.5℉-1.8℉ ±0.9℉

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this INT-11P-B thermometer be used in a microwave oven?

No, kindly note that INT-11P-B is not suitable for use in microwave ovens and pressure cookers. Customers widely use this thermometer for grills, smokers, and frying pans, etc. We recommend that the ambient temperature should not exceed the temperature range that this thermometer can measure.

Does it have pre-set temperature levels?

Yes, it has pre-set temperature levels. The user-friendly app includes 26 USDA presets for different meats and doneness levels.

Can I monitor the temperature of two probes at the same time?

Of course. If you have multiple INT-11P-B meat thermometers, connect them to the App so you can monitor their temperatures simultaneously on your phone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Stephen Coad
Packs a punch

Such a great little thermometer in a small package, app is next level and is great help, with the ability to create your own cooks and store it. Also gives you a memory incase you drop out of range

Dave C. Stout
3rd times a charm

3rd Review:) this is a good update and as I suspected. I returned both of these probes I bought from amazon and purchased two directly from Inkbird in hopes of getting the latest model. And guess what? I havent had any issues with them in over 14 days of use. And I use them every morning. EVERY MORNING. Si as I suspected amazon either had older production runs which had a few bugs, or maybe they were, maybe clones of Inkbirds. Ive run into that problem with gopro equipment. Ill tell ya u really have to watch what u buy now a days.
Anyway I like these alot and if are when they fail I will probably buy these again.
(O by the way, can u spot the Inkbird probe in the video I uploaded ? It's there)
Dave C. Stout

2nd Review, Not so good (two weeks after 1st purchase):
This is what I wrote on Inkbird's forum, "Yup! Mine are doing it too. I had just charged them ONE DAY AGO then after charge they both worked. This morning (6-10-2024) I went to use the one. The box linked up to phone but the sensor just said "disconnected". I got out/in to the app, I pressed the button on the box for a good 20 seconds hoping that that would reset it. It didn't. I put the sensor into the charging box and was pushing the top 🔝 up against the + contact and held it there for about 30 seconds. NOPE that didn't work. I don't know what I did but after sitting on table unable to use it for about 15 minutes I tried to connect again and it Worked. I didn't do anything but somehow it working again.
I know that intermitting problems ARE THE hardest to solve but these are new, one is 2 weeks old and the other one is just one week old but they both have similar problems.
If this happens one more time (I use them everyday) their going back. In my situation I just can't switch to another analog thermometer and still get that particular "job" done. It screws up everything when these fail. it's VERY important to have WORKING TOOLS!"
I RETURNED BOTH INT-11P-B UNITS.I cant own faulty equipment. Im buying two more directly from Inkbird in hopes of gettinga "newer" version that doesnt have these known issues. It appears to be a common problem with inkbird sensors. If they dont work I'll send them back and buy other sensors on amazon which has over 41,000 reviews with 4 1/2 star rating. Which Im starting to think is the better way to go.
We shall C.

Dave C. Stout

I will update on situation soon.
Dave C. Stout

INITIAL REVIEW (less then a week after purchase):
Instead of measuring how hot, I'm measuring how cold it is. I made a Iced Coffee Bean Maching (ICBM) and I need to know when the fresh brewed coffee is chilled to 30°f. Very unconventional to say the least. BUT IT WORKS !
I really wish it was 1 inch longer. Why did they made this so small ? I guess because U must push this into what ever Ur heating all the way in so U can get a accurate reading from both ambient and internal temperatures. Yes if they made it longer it would be pushed thru the other side (lets say a small Delmonico steak) and give U a very inaccurate temperature reading. There for they should make two differant lengths and let the consumer make the choice on which length to buy. Heck Id buy both these are nice.
BUT! It works well and I love the BT connection. I have other Inkbird products and they all are accessed from the same App. Thats nice. I have my beer brewing temp sensors, my 2 air quality sensors and now this temp probe ALL ON THE SAME APP. ITS GREAT.
So far they are alp quality instruments. Aside from the shortness of this probe, I love it
BUT U CANT USE IT WHEN COOKING A PORK SHOULDER or a Prime Rib roast. Thats a shame. I will have to keep guess the temp for those.

Dave C. Stout

Sophia Batz

Chic thermometer! Came 5 days later than the declared, but whole and not harmful. Everything works. For a person who likes to fry to bake meat a bombasic gift. I took when there was a discount of up to 3310 rubles. I'll probably take another one for a gift.

Antonia Jaskolski


Queen Lemke