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📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5GHz Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More
📣New Arrival IBT-26S, The World 1st 5G BBQ Thermometer - > Learn More
Water Leak Sensor

Water Leak Sensor

Wi-Fi water leak sensor for dripping and leaking, durable and reliable

INKBIRD Water Leak Sensor

A water leak detector can reduce the risk by alerting you to water leak issues quickly, so you can act to prevent severe damage.


  • Smart Water Leak Sensor IRS-WD1

    Original price $23.99 - Original price $23.99
    Original price
    $23.99 - $23.99
    Current price $23.99

    INKBIRD IRS-WD1 adopted an IP67 waterproof body and advanced sensor probes that can efficiently and timely detect water drips and leaks to stop wat...

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