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Digital Hygrometer ITH-20R

    1. Inkbird ITH-20R provides direct and accurate display of humidity and temperature. You can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius according to your personal preference.
    1. Elegant Design: The stylish hygrometer is equipped with a large backlight LCD and it has a clip on it’s back, you can place it at anywhere steadily, or you can also fix it on the wall as the receiver has a hole on the back surface.
    2. Instant Read: The transmission distance of the digital hygrometer is up to 300 feet, and the data will update in 10 seconds, you can monitor the humidity and the temperature instantly without checking the transmitter constantly and get ready for the changes in the weather.
    3. External Probe: Our probe can be put into most kinds of liquid to measure the temperature, you can use it in a pool or in a brewhouse. As the probe is fine, you can also use it in narrow places or relatively closed environment.
    4. Easy Operation: You don’t need to worry about hassle setting, you can instantly monitor the humidity and the temperature with our hygrometer, the data of indoor and outdoor will display on the LCD at the same time. The temperature measurement range of the thermometer is -50~125℃ (-58~257°F), and the humidity measurement range is 10~95%.
    5. Multiple Use: You can apply it to different scenes, guitar, room, kitchen
    1. Transmission Frequency: 433MHz
    2. Transmission Distance: ≈300 Feet
    3. Maximum Available Transmitters: 3
    4. Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries
    5. Receiver Size: 75*64*21mm
    6. Transmitter Size: 75*64*21mm
    7. Temperature Measurement Range of the Receiver: -20~60℃ (-4~140°F)
    8. Humidity Measurement Range of the Receiver: 10~95%
    9. Temperature Measurement Range of the Transmitter Probe: -50~125℃ (-58~257°F)
    10. Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±1℃
    11. Humidity Measurement Accuracy: ±5%
    12. Sampling Time: 10 Seconds
    13. Out of Range Display:“HH.L” or “LL.L”
    14. Warranty: 12 Months

Package Contents:
ITH-20R 1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor with 1 Transmitter:

  • Receiver*1
  • Transmitter*1
  • Screwdriver*1
  • External Probe*1
  • User Manual*1
  • Warranty Card*1

ITH-20R 1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor with 3 Transmitter:

  • Receiver*1
  • Transmitter*3
  • Screwdriver*2
  • External Probe*3
  • User Manual*1
  • Warranty Card*1

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Antonio Flecha

Inkbird Digital Hygrometer ITH-20R Humidity Gauge Indicator Room Thermometer

Christian Morin
Excellent product !!!

I use it for my greehouse and it works perfectly. Great product, price, service and delivery. Will buy again.

David Pritty
Brilliant devices

So easy to set up. I know have three and know the temperature through my home. Need just one more for my greenhouse

Heiko Schröder
Great value

looks good
easy to read
long range
high utility value at an affordable price