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Wireless Pool Thermometer IBS-P01R

Wireless Connection: The maximum connection distance is 300 feet. You can check temperature readings with the receiver without going outside the room.
Accurate Reading: Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.
Premium quality: The thermometer has adopted high quality materials, it is solid and durable.
Multiple Uses: The IPX7 waterproof thermometer is ideal for Indoor&Outdoor use like swimming pools, Fish Ponds, aquariums, baby bath, spas etc. Ranges from -40℃~70℃(-40℉~158℉).
Attention: After installing, please pay attention to tightening the product to prevent water.



●Battery: 2*AAA 1. 5V (Temperature and humidity monitor, 2*AA 1. 5v(Wireless remote sensor)
●433Mhz Transmission Frequency
●Transmission distance: up to 300 ft in open space,if there is interference, the transmission distance will be limited
●Wireless remote sensor supports up to three channels and waterproof function (IPX7)
●Temperature and humidity monitor temperature measurement range:-40℃c~60℃(-40F~140°F)
● Temperature measurement accuracy:±1.0℃(±1.8°F)
Temperature display accuracy: 0.1C(0.1F)
● Humidity measurement range: 10%-99%
● Humidity measurement accuracy:±5%
● Humidity display accuracy:1%
● Wireless remote sensor temperature measurement range:40℃~70℃(-40°F~158°F)
● Wireless remote sensor temperature measurement accuracy:±1℃(±1.8°F)
● Wireless remote sensor temperature display accuracy:0.1℃(0.1°F)
● Temperature sampling period: 10 seconds
● Exceed the range will display " HH.H" LL.L"
● Warranty:1year

Quickly press: press to display the maximum minimum temperature. When there is no button operation, the current temperature display will be restored after 30s.
Long press(5s): long press to clear the maximum inimum temperature record value, then re-record.
● TX
Quickly press: send temperature data to the Temperature and humidity monitor, when the transmission is successful, the red light of wireless remote sensor will flash once.
Long press(5s): reset the synchronization between the Wireless remote sensor and the Temperature and humidity monitor. Sensor displays CH8, indicating that the reset is successful.
After resetting, the wireless remote sensor needs to be powered on again (Can be synchronized within 2 minutes after the wireless remote sensor is re-powered on)
When synchronizing try to make the Wireless remote sensor close to the Temperature and humidity monitor and please do not press any button.
● Flexible
add an Inkbird M1 WiFi Gateway (sold separately) to pair with Pool Thermometer for data and alerts via the Internet.

Button Icon Description
● CH/R:

  • Quickly press: press to switch the current channel and the wireless remote sensor can be fixed in the current channel.
  • When switching to"CH8", after 5s, the temperature and humidity of Wireless remote sensors will be displayed in turn, each will show 5 seconds.
  • Long press(5s):It can reset the synchronization between the Temperature and humidity monitor and all Wireless remote sensors. After resetting, the Wireless remote sensor needs to be re-powered (Re-install the battery) before it synchronize with the Temperature and humidity monitor. (within 2 minutes).

Quickly press:
  • When in normal working mode, press to switch(Temperature and humidity monitor and Wireless remote sensors) temperature unit to°C or°F
  • When the display is showing the maximum minimum temperature(press MAX/MIN/CLEAR button to display the maximum minimum temperature), press to switch the maximum and minimum recording time interval of temperature to ALL-TIME or 24 hours.

Other Version:Normal Version, Bluetooth Version

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Stacy Tarrell
Excellent thermometer!

We love this thermometer and would highly recommend it!! Works great and seems to be pretty accurate. Digital display on top of the thermometer makes it super easy to see the temp at anytime and the display that we leave in the house makes it easy to see the temperature of the pool and outdoors at any given time. The price was a very reasonable. Much better quality than I expected!

Merja H.
According to description

Satisfied with order, hopefully will be long-lasting!

Domenico Di Lillo

Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Floating Pool Thermometer

Dean Smithson
Giving it a chance

seems to be working great. Hopefully it will last though the winter

Ron K
Works Great! (but instructions are for the birds!!)

I'm very pleased with this product which I was able to get going by playing with the buttons and taking the batteries in & out for about 20 minutes. The instruction "manual", if you can call it that, is not much bigger than a postage stamp. I've lost mine already! No great loss -- the thing might as well have been written in Greek. After figuring out my unit on my own, I had to help a neighbor out with hers -- as neither she nor her son could make heads or tails out of the instruction "manual". I don't know why they made it so difficult to understand -- after figuring out my own unit, it only took 5 minutes to get my neighbor's up and running. Other than the "manual", this is a wonderful product! Yes I would buy it again! Only reason I couldn't give it 5 stars is because of the rediculous instruction manual.