Temperature Controller ITC-1000

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Voltage: 12V
Ship from: Factory in China

Product Details

Automatic Temperature Controller: INKBIRD ITC-1000 is a dual-stage temperature controller that can automatically start/stop heating and cooling, maintaining the temperature at our desired value smartly, accurately, and reliably.

A Wide Range of Uses: ITC-1000 helps us constantly provide an optimal temperature for things that require a specific growth environment. With its help, we can control the temperature easily in reptile fostering, home brewing, alcohol fermentation, incubation, indoor planting and etc.

Over-Temperature Alarm: ITC-1000 will get alarmed when the detected temperature exceeds its probe's measurement range from -58℉ to 210℉ (-50℃ to 99℃), reminding us to take protective actions to avoid unexpected loss. We will get alerted as well if there is a sensor error.

Compressor Delay Protection: ITC-1000 features an output delay protection of refrigeration control to reduce power loss and protect our domestic appliances, such as air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators.

DIY Automatic Control System: ITC-1000 is designed for DIY temperature controlling systems, easy to install, and easy to operate. By connecting the wires of our cooling device and heating device with ITC-1000, we can set up an automatically heating-and-cooling system at home.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
joseph caruso

Excellent little device, put in my incubator and perfect.

Great money saver!

When the controller on my old hot tub blew out, I built a new one based on this device. I couldn't be happier with it!

David Switzer
Marine Spillover Refer / Freezer Application

Installed this to control a spill over refrigerator / freezer in a sailboat. Installed about 18 months ago and has worked flawlessly. Documentation provided with unit was for an AC unit not my desired 12-volt DC. I contacted customer service and they emailed the documentation for the AC unit. THANKS!!!

Note: I wired this controller to trigger a 12-volt relay to provide the power to the Danfoss compressor and thereby reduced the strain on the INKBIRD controller's internal relay. The specification say this was unnecessary but I think it is prudent step.

Overall I am happy with the product. As suggested above I am not pleased with the documentation provided or the customer service. I bought 2 controllers in my initial order and have the spare stored for quick replacement when needed.

Brett Dansie

INKBIRD ITC-1000 Electronic Digital Heat and Cool Temperature Controller F&C dual relay Thermostat

Lucky Kyriacou
Does the job

Bought INKBIRD to control the temperature for my snake 🐍 enclosures, been using it for a few days now and it does the job I wanted it to do,will be getting more in the future