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Product Details

Independent temperatures for day and night: INKBIRD C206T supports independent temperatures for day and night based on our practical needs for our monitored creatures and/or plants, which help us care our monitored creatures and/or plants better. Or we can set two individual temperatures for two time slots based on our practical needs or use contexts.

Waterproof with IP68 Grade: INKBIRD C206T is equipped with NTC stainless probe which is waterproof up to IP68 grade and much friendlier for aquarium or water application contexts.

Overheating protection: INKBIRD C206T will be turned off once the overheating occurs for better protection.

Temperature calibration: INKBIRD C206T supports temperature calibration for more precise temperature setting, monitoring and controlling, offering more security for aquarium creatures;

Three-display screen: its three-display screen can display its current temperature, setting temperature and its current time at the same time, which is very convenient for us to read and to set.

No reading confusion: INKBIRD C206T supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit reading methods, it can be switched based on our reading habits for no reading confusion.

Out-of-the-box: INKBIRD C206T is designed for out-of-the-box and plug-and-play, easy to use, easy to move and easy to store.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anne Schmitz
inkbird comparison

This inkbird controller is the best. The ones with dual input and wifi connectabllity are unable to work at a higher temperature than 113 F. Why? they are of limited usefulness, Also hard to set. The C206T is great except for having to be connected directly to a power outlet

Daniel Fryczewski
Good product

I've used these C929 products in my snake cages and they work quite well. Out of 5 units, I had one where the thermostat was off by over 5 degrees Fahrenheit. . Over all I'm happy with the units for the price but I wish there was a manual for the smart settings which are confusing and don't seem to work properly or I'm not setting them right correctly as I'm trying to automate the temperature fluctuation and am running into the thermostat not switching to the proper setting but it seems to staying stuck in the setting that should be offline. App could be a bit more user friendly and some settings in the smart more need to be corrected as there are two T1 settings - not sure if it matters but one is supposed to be low and the other high temp setting.

Also, the app should have a capability of turning off the alarm without needing to physically turning it off at the thermostat as it can get really annoying otherwise.

darlene coyle
INKBIRD 1500w heat mat temperature controller

this item is now an integral part of my greenhouse nursery. i use it for starting seedlings and am very happy with the control i now have over the temperature. very important in the garden nursery. thank you for a wonderful product!

Jean-François Gutkin
C-206 T

I did'nt receive the product yet.
Do you have an idea when I should receive it?

Thank you,

J.F. Gutkin