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Vacuum Sealer INK-VS01

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INKBIRD INK-VS01 is a vacuum sealer of helps us save money and time with 5 times of preservation, 2 sealing modes, and a built-in cutter, it is widely used to keep food fresh and it’s a good partner with INKBIRD sous vide products.

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Product features

5 times longer preservation: INKBIRD INK-VS01 removes air from bags and seals them to keep food fresh and extends the shelf life of them. Its vacuum preservation time is 5 times than the ordinary preservation.

2 sealing modes: INKBIRD INK-VS01 supports dry sealing mode and moist sealing mode for different kinds of food, which is better and more efficient for food preservation.

One button to stop: we can press its stop button to stop vacuuming at any time and this will make it easier to control the vacuuming time according to the food type.

Built-in cutter: INKBIRD INK-VS01 can customize our desired bags with its built-in cutter easily. It fits up to 12'' width sealer bags and rolls.

Vacuum level of -80kPa: INKBIRD INK-VS01 has its vacuum level of -80kPa, which makes it quickly vacuum food and keep them fresh for a long time. Good helper for us to save money and time.

Ideal partner for Sous Vide cooking: thanks to its outstanding vacuum sealing for food preservation, INKBIRD INK-VS01 is an ideal partner for Sous Vide cooking and it can help us cook our food evenly.

Vacuum 50 times continuously

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great products

I've been super delighted with all my inkbird products. I have bbq thermometer, instant read thermometer, sous vide, vacuum sealer and temperature controllers, and all have worked fabulously. Any time I've got into contact with inkbird they have gotten back to me asap. Nice job!

Asaf tamir
Good service

Very good product

Riley Biladeau
Question for someone

Can I use any type of food saver bags with this ?

Itai Druker
really great product

delivery was really fast, less than 1 week, item came in a perfect condition, working perfectly, I am really happy

Michael Z

Fast shipping. Great customer service and very good product