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Bluetooth Pool Thermometer IBS-P01B

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INKBIRD IBS-P01B is a floating pool thermometer with Bluetooth function and IPX7 waterproof, its stainless steel contact-type probe is ideal for swimming pools, fishponds, hot tubs and etc.

Ship From: US Warehouse

Product features

Pool Thermometer with Bluetooth  IBS-P01B

The IPX7 waterproof IBS-P01B thermometer is ideal for Indoor&Outdoor use like swimming pools, Fish Ponds, aquariums, baby baths, spas, etc.

You can check the instant temperature and historical temperatures through the "Engbird" APP on your phone.

Remotely Monitor via Bluetooth: INKBIRD IBS-P01B features a Bluetooth function to pair with our phone for remotely monitoring. Let it float in the swimming pool in hot summer so we can keep an eye on the temperature via the free app while enjoying a wonderful beverage.

30000 Points of Data Storage: IBS-P01B can save records of 2 years, up to 30000 points of historical data. We can easily check all temperature changes on the app graph and confirm the optimal time and temperature for an enjoyable swim.

Instant-Read & Accurate Probe: IBS-P01B is equipped with a contact-type probe that efficiently speeds up the readout and ensures high measurement accuracy. It’s ideal for detecting the water temperature in the swimming pool, hot tub, aquarium and etc.

IPX7 Water-Resistant Design: IBS-P01B has a compact body adopting IPX7 waterproof material. A silicone sealing ring is placed on the opening preventing water seepage, which is a better water-resistant design than other pool thermometers.

Compact Body & Fine Design: We can check the measured temperature, battery capacity, and max/min values on the LCD screen with one look. Another user-friendly design is that we can switch the temperature units between ℃ and ℉ with one press.


Pool Thermometer with Bluetooth IBS-P01B

Button Description

Twist the lid of the thermometer and button as shown

  • °C/°F

Quickly press: Press to switch the temperature unit to °C or °F.


Quickly press: Press to clear the maximum minimum temperature record value. then re-record.

Long press(5s): Long press to switch the maximum and minimum recording time interval of temperature to ALL-TIME or 24 hours.

Pool Thermometer with Bluetooth
Pool Thermometer  Installation
Bluetooth Pool Thermometer
  • Download the APP
  1. Search the keyword "Engbird "in App Store or Google Play.
  2. Download and install it for free.
  • Pair with your Phone

Open the APP add the sensor and pair with your smart phone.

  • Get the Data
After choosing the application scenes, the APP will display the current temperature and humidity data.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jay Siegel
Good Value

Good value but the bluetooth range needs improvement.

Stephen Sokol
Very good

I used the outdoor setting because there was no setting for pool water. Odd, because it is perfect for the pool.

Cannot pair it with smartphone

Will not pick up Bluetooth on smart phone. Can not find anywhere with directions to troubleshoot.