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Digital Hygrometer ITH-20R

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INKBIRD ITH-20R is a digital hygrometer with an external probe with functions such as temperature and humidity displaying, Celsius and Fahrenheit reading methods, two installation methods, backlight LCD displaying and instant reading. It is widely used for indoor, outdoor, homebrew, pool, guitar, room, kitchen and etc.

Size: ONE Receiver ONE Transmitter
Ship From: Factory In China

Product features

ITH-20R is suitable for households, guitar cases, greenhouses, offices, labs and etc.

The display has accurate, reliable temperature and humidity readings. The simple, visual LCD screen shows the current temperature and humidity.


 Main Features

External Probe: INKBIRD ITH-20R supports an external probe and we can put it into most kinds of liquid for temperature measuring, easy to measure, convenient, and more efficient.

Instant reading: INKBIRD ITH-20R supports instant reading and its transmission distance of the digital hygrometer is up to 300 feet with its data being updated in 10 seconds, which helps us monitor the humidity and the temperature instantly without checking the transmitter constantly and get ready for the weather changes.

LCD display screen: INKBIRD ITH-20R receiver adopts LCD display screen to show temperature and humidity and divides it into two parts, OUT shows the temperature and humidity reading of the transmitter, IN shows the temperature and humidity reading of the receiver. Besides, it applies comfort and user-friendly indicators, which makes it cosy and comfortable to use.

No reading confusion: INKBIRD ITH-20R supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit reading methods, we can switch them easily based on our reading habits, no more reading confusion anymore.

Two installation methods: We can place it on the desk or mount it on the wall based on our practical use contexts or our habits, which makes it more user-friendly and humanized.

Measuring range: receiver temperature measuring range is -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F); transmitter temperature measuring range is -40°C ~ 70°C (-40°F ~ 158°F ); external temperature probe measuring range is -50~125℃ (-58~257°F). Receiver and transmitter humidity measuring range is 10%~95%RH with its sampling period of 10 seconds, which makes it very suitable for households, guitar cases, greenhouses, offices, labs etc.

Out-of-the-box and super thin design: INKBIRD ITH-20R is designed for out-of-the-box with a super thin design, which makes it easy to use, easy to move, and easy to store.

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Customer Reviews

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Pietro Ruscetti

Digital Hygrometer ITH-20R


Digital Hygrometer ITH-20R

Antonio Flecha

INKBIRD Digital Hygrometer ITH-20R Humidity Gauge Indicator Room Thermometer

Christian Morin
Excellent product !!!

I use it for my greehouse and it works perfectly. Great product, price, service and delivery. Will buy again.

David Pritty
Brilliant devices

So easy to set up. I know have three and know the temperature through my home. Need just one more for my greenhouse