Digital 6-in-1 CO2 Detector PTH-9A

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INKBIRDPLUS 6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
6-in-1 Air Quality Monitor】INKBIRDPLUS 6-in-1 Indoor Monitor has built-in professional detection sensors, it can accurately detect the current CO2 concentration, PM2.5, PM10, AQI, temperature, and humidity in the air.
【Three AQI Stages & Sound Alarm】This Air Quality detector is designed with 3 stages of AQI - normal mode (0-50), warning mode (51-100), and danger mode (101-500). When the AQI index exceeds 100, the detector will sound an alarm.
【Calibration Function】After the device is turned off, take it to a ventilated place, and press and hold the three keys at the same time, the product will enter the automatic calibration state of carbon dioxide concentration value for 200 seconds.
【Color LED Screen】The color display with backlight makes each value clear at a glance, and you can also check the time/date/year on the detector. This air quality meter also supports setting the current time, C°/F° switching.
【Wide Application】This portable detector can detect air quality in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, cellars, cars, grow tents and more. With a hook design, it can be placed on the desktop or hung on the wall for easy viewing, is an ideal indoor air quality detector for our lives.
INKBIRDPLUS 6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This Air Quality detector is designed with 3 stages of AQI - normal mode (0-50), warning mode (51-100), and danger mode (101-500).

When the AQI exceeds 100 and the buzzer is on, the buzzer will sound an alarm.

At this time, you need to long press the "+" button to stop the alarm.

NOTE: The alarm value cannot be set.

INKBIRDPLUS 6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor


INKBIRDPLUS 6-in-1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very good product

Great product: well made, looks good, well designed interface

Richard Perlstein
Great little device

I’ve been using the monitor to determine if my cooktop's front gas burners spew more CO2 into the kitchen than the rear burners (oh yes they do). More significantly, I used the monitor in our 11 person office to determine that, even with the HVAC system running continuously, ostensibly with 30% fresh air mixed in, the CO2 level more then doubled during the workday from the low 400s up to the 900s and higher. Workmates were suitably horrified!