Inkbird Long Connection Distance WiFi Gateway IBS-M1

    1. [Smart Home&Smart Life] Works with Inkbird devices (Including but not limited to IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 Mini, IBS-TH1 Plus, IBS-P01B, ITH-20R-O, IBS-P01R-O), max 4 equipment at once.
    2. [Remote Monitor and Real Time Alarm] After the gateway is connected to the 2.4ghz WiFi network, the sensor is connected to the gateway via bluetooth or wireless. As long as your mobile device can connect anywhere you access the Internet, the notification and alarm will be pushed through the "Inkbird Pro "APP.
    3. [Long Distance Connection] The maximum connection distance between the Wi-Fi gateway and the Bluetooth device is 164 feet (no obstacles), and the maximum connection distance between the Wi-Fi gateway and the wireless device is 300 feet (no obstacles).
    4. [Powerful&cloud-based Data Store] Get the Inkbird Pro app free.The data of the device can be stored in the cloud for 12 months. On Inkbird Pro in real time to check the data and record label, or by sending a CSV file to your electronic mailbox to export the data.
    5. [More Convenient APP] By switching to ℃/℉ through the APP, you can more intelligently modify the name of the device and display the accurate location of the device through photos, and provide instant temperature and humidity.
    1. Dimensions: 120mmx60mmx15mm/4.72"x2.36"x0.59"
    2. Weight: 63g/2.22oz
    3. Maximum Bluetooth Connection Distance: 164ft(the distance will be shorter if there are interferences)
    4. Maximum Wireless Connection Distance: 300ft(the distance will be shorter if there are interferences)
    5. Wireless transmission frequency: 433Mhz
    6. Maximum 4 equipment at one time
    7. Waterproof Grade: not waterproof
    8. Data Storage: free app storage
    9. Required Network: 2.4GHz
    10. Compatible Models:IBS-TH1、IBS-TH1 Mini、IBS-TH1 Plus、IBS-P01B、ITH-20R-O、IBS-P01R-O etc.
    11. Monthly Fee: None
    12. 1 year warranty
    1. Wi-Fi Gateway*1
    2. USB Type-C Cable*1
    3. Power Adapter*1
    4. Manual*1
    5. Warranty Card*1

The Wi-Fi Gateway can be used in conjunction withrelevant Bluetooth thermometers and hygrometers or Wireless thermometers and hygrometers to help those equipment to connect to the server through Wi-Fi.

Search the Inkbird Pro app from Google Play or App Store to download it for free, or you can scan the QR code to download it directly.

Please make sure all the following requirements are met to download the app smoothly:

  • Your iOS device must be running iOS 13 or above to download the Inkbird Pro app.
  • Your Android device must be running Android 4.4 or above to download the Inkbird Pro app.

Main Interface of the IBS-M1 Wi-Fi Gateway on Inkbird Pro


Connect the device in AP mode
If the Wi-Fi gateway is not connected to your phone, the light of Wi-Fi button will flash rapidly by default. Press and hold the button for about 5 seconds to switch to AP mode, the light of Wi-Fi button will flash slowly in the mode 5 seconds later.

1. Open the app and click “+” to start the connection.
2. Plug in the Inkbird Wi-Fi Gateway, choose the IBS-M1 Wi-Fi gateway , click “AP Mode” of the right top corner,check if the light of Wi-Fi button is blinking slowly and confirm on your app if it is, then enter your Wi-Fi password to connect to wireless network, click OK to connect the device.
3. The app will redirect to your phone’s WLAN Setting interface, select the “SmartLife-XXXX” to directly connect to the router without typing in password. Go back to the app and enter the automatic connection interface to click“Done”.
4. Connection succeed.

Press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button for 5 seconds to reset the Wi-Fi, then repeat the steps above to connect with your phone.

The device only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Inkbird IBS-M1

    Easy to set up, working fine, minor troubles with connectivity due to sending unit IBS-P01R in pool and receiver IBS-M1 upstairs.
    Enjoy the ability to monitor pool temp and transfer to .csv file. I like the system!!

    Awesome sensor for hottub temperature

    Connected the IBS-P01R to this and works exactly as advertised. Now we can monitor the temp of our hottub on our phones and even get push alerts if the water falls below a certain temperature (peace of mind in the winter when it is subzero temperatures out). There are 3 different apps in the store, I recommend the Inkbird PLUS not the PRO if all you need is a hottub temp monitor.

    Works great

    Connected several IBS-TH1's. I like the mobile alerting as I have temperature sensitive animals.


    Good product!

    Nicht einfach einzurichten, aber wenn fertig, dann ok.

    Wenn alles installiert ist, funktioniert das Gateway gut. Die Einrichtung ist nicht ganz einfach. Schade, daß es ohne Login bei Inkbird nicht geht. Eine reine Heimlösung ist das nicht.