Inkbird Digital Aquarium Temperature Controller ITC-306T-WIFI

  • WiFi-Enable】Inkbird Smart Temperature Controllers support WiFi connection and control.
  • 【APP Features】Temp graphs, alarms, ℃/℉ switch & timer. All can be set through the Inkbird Pro app.
  • 【Double Outlets】Supports plug-in 2 heating devices, like 2 heaters(1200W 10A Max).
  • 【Digital Displays】Both the measured temp & set temp are displayed on Inkbird temperature controller.
  • 【2 Cycle Timer】Inkbird ITC-306T temperature controller supports 2 cycle timer in 24 hours.

    Please follow the steps to pair the temperature controller with your phone.
    The device only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router.

    If the connection is failed, please feel free to download the user manual to see the AP mode connection and follow the steps.
    Normal mode (without timer setting)
    When the controller is working normally (TR=0) , PV window displays the measured temperature, SV window displays temperature set value.

    When the measured temperature PV ≥ TS1(Temperature Set Value1), the WORK indicator is off, the output sockets turn off.

    When the measured temperature PV ≤ TS1 (Temperature Set Value1)-DS1 (Heating Differential Value 1), the WORK indicator is on, and the output sockets turn on.

    For example, TS1=25.0°C, DS1=3.0°C, when the measured temperature ≤ 22°C (TS1-DS1), the output sockets turn on.

    When the measured temperature ≥ 25°C (TS1), the output sockets turn off.

    All the values can be set in "Inkbird Pro" APP.
    When TR=1, the Timer Mode is on.

    Time A~Time B~Time A is a cycle, 24 hours.

    During Time A~Time B, the controller runs as TS1 (Temperature Set Value1) and DS1 (Heating Differential Value1).

    During Time B~Time A, the controller runs as TS2 (Temperature Set Value2) and DS2 (Heating Differential Value2).

    For example: Set TS1=25, DS1=2, TR=1,TS2=18, DS2=2, TAH=8, TAM=30, TBH=18,TBM=00, CTH=9, CTM=30, CTH and CTM are the current time setting, the setting time is 9:30.

    During 8:30-18:00 (Time A~Time B), the temperature controls between 22°C (TS1-DS1)~25°C (TS1).

    During 18:00-8:30 (Time B~Time A), the temperature controls between 16°C (TS2-DS2)~18C (TS2).

    All the values can be set in "Inkbird Pro" APP.

    Multiple uses