30A PID Temperature Controller IPB-26

INKBIRD IPB-26 is a dedicated homebrew temperature controller with heating and water pump functions, a highly accurate temperature sensor and great heat dissipation and etc. It has been popular among homebrew fans and helping endless homebrew fans brew vintage wine and excellent beers.

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Main Features

Dual operation mode: INKBIRD PID Temperature Controller IPB-26 supports heating function and water pump function;

SV and PV value display: it displays the SV value and PV value at the same time, easy to read and monitor.

No reading confusion: INKBIRD PID Temperature Controller IPB-26 supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit reading methods, it can be switched based on our reading habits for no reading confusion.

Highly accurate temperature sensor: it is up to a 5500 watt element and requires a 4-prong 30amp receptacle with GFCI Protection for a highly accurate temperature sensor.

Rapid heat-up: INKBIRD PID Temperature Controller IPB-26 is equipped with an 8 foot long power cord for rapid heat-up.

Great heat dissipation: it adopts high quality aluminum cooling fin which dramatically improves the heat dissipation during the working process.

Alarm for safety: INKBIRD PID Temperature Controller IPB-26 supports alarm setting, which allows us to set an alarm temperature value and alarm us once the set temperature is reached.

Safety notice: ITS cabinet lock must be locked before use.

Technical Support Materials:

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  • Dimensions: 10*11.6*6.1inch(225*295*155mm)
  • Weight: 6500g/229.3oz
  • Probe Cable Length: 10ft/3m
  • Power Cord Length: 8ft/2.4m
  • Input Voltage: AC 240V 60Hz
  • Heat Output Voltage: AC 240V 60Hz
  • Pump Output Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz
  • Maximum Current: 30A for 240V AC
  • Heat Output: Built-in optical isolated SSR of the output switch device with no-voltage crossbar switch.

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